Dec 29, 2018

What impressed me most in Japan were the people. They are very kind and respectful with a honest and polite smile. I will always remember that small bow when they say arigato.

I was amazed to see little children alone on the streets or using the subway by themselves. Japan has a very low crime rate and most likely this is why the japanese feel confident about sending their children out alone.

Multiple times when I was struggling with the subway and asked for help the japanese offered it and leaded me through the tunnels.

The food is amazing. I tried a lot including sushi, sashimi, ramen, wale, kobe beef, scallop, shrimps, shells, salmon roe and even the local menus of Tokyo McDonald’s. There are a lot of places to eat in Tokyo with very good prices and filled with japanese people.

The Shinkansen was my first time on a high speed train. I ride it from Tokyo to Atami in a 40 minutes trip reaching the speed of 300 kilometers per hour. Atami literally means "hot ocean” and is a nice and quiet resort town, a perfect one day trip. You can reach the beach easily from the train station and after that enjoy a good seafood meal to have energy for cableway ride to the castle.

The Dolphin Roller Coaster is a one and a half minute must try ride in Tokyo. Your brain will seem to fail and you won’t understand what’s happening to you.

There are a lot of shopping places to visit but what fascinated me was Akihabara. You can find every electronic that you can dream of including old consoles in perfect condition like Nintendo NES, Playstation 1 or Sega Saturn.

The anime universe is well found in Tokyo and you can buy figurines everywhere. I got myself a cup printed with Evangelion writings and some characters from the Ghibli world.