Some facts that I learned in life

Apr 18, 2018

Someone said that life is a battle that you will lose in the end. I think that a lot of people ignore the simple fact that we will die. Otherwise I can't explain their obsession to gain fortunes or to postpone the things they enjoy for later. Why sould one work like a mad man to be able to retire fast?

It's so easy to get trapped in your own thoughts and not see the reality. Have an objective perspective and a clear view of the events that surround us. But this is not an easy task.

Obstacles will occur in life but there is no reason to lose your attitude, to not be able to chose your way. Keep your dignity no matter what happens.

The best things in life are found where the level of stress breaks most people
- Ed Latimore.

It's essential to learn to handle emotions and stress, to have an emotional intelligence. Take a step behind and reflect a while, don't rush your decisions based on you feels.

Think long term, not everything should be done now. There is a saying where you should live each day like it's your last and I think that's stupid. One should have plans and be rational.

You become who you know so be aware with who you spend your time and who you follow. I strongly believe that the people you meet and spend time with have a strong influence on your path in life.

Life is not found in shortcuts, but in doing the hard stuff. Stay away from vices like alcohol or drugs, nothing good will come from them. In the end the path you will choose will define you as a person.

If you think adventure is dangerous, try routine; it is lethal. Stay away from the comfort zone.
- Paulo Coelho

Invest time in reading books, learn from others, learn from their mistakes and know that your are not the first person dealing with problems.

Take care of your body and exercise daily.

Work a lot!